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Neglected girls shouldn't worry...

...That's what god made sailors for.

The Life and Times of Ms. Risible, a Taboo Queen
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1800s, 1920s, 1940s, 1950s, acting like a kid, alice in wonderland, anime, astronomy jokes, baking, barbie bungee jumping, being me, being random, bleach, bloomers, bonny tyme pyrates, camera-whoring, cello, cemeteries, chocolate, classical music, climbing anything, cookies, corsets, crafts, creativity, dance dance revolution, deneb!!!!!, digital cameras, disney movies, diy, do it you won't, dolls, dressing up, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, emilie autumn, etiquette, four day weekends, free stuff, fritz the camel, garters, geisha, gilmore girls, girly clothes, going on picnics, gokusen, good grammar, good spelling, goodwill, grimm fairytales, hana yori dango, hana-kimi, hanging out with friends, happy people, homemade fruit smoothies, i eat mammoths, indie, inside jokes, j-pop, j-rock, japanese culture, japanese street fashion, jedi, juice, kimono, lace, laughing until i hurt, little kid games, lolita fashion, making long interests lists, making unique clothes, malice mizer, manga, manners, memoirs of a geisha, museums, musicals, nerd jokes, netflix, ninja, old books, old churches, out doing samantha!, pandas, parasols, petticoats, phantom of the opera, photobooths, pocky, poetry, porcelain dolls, poufy skirts, projectiles, psycho le cemu, rasputina, reading, ribbons, rocky horror picture show, samantha's, samurai, science fiction, sewing, shinigami, ska, skirts, slumber parties, soul calibur, soul society, space, star wars, strawberries, striped stockings, subject to change, sweet lolita, sweet romantic stuff, tank girl, tea parties, teddy bears, the ocean, thrift stores, tickle fights, top hats, unique, victorian, victorian gothic, video games, vintage, words